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Many of my clients ask me about what to do in Spain once they are already in Andalusia. I usually answer by asking one straight question. How long time do you have?, because Spain attractions are endless, depending on your preferences of course.

General speaking, we could say North of Spain has stunning green landscapes, say Asturias, Basque Country being awesome for some trekking. Particularly, the Spanish Pilgrim walking/cycling Tour, “Camino de Santiago”. Just breathtaking!. Something not to be missed.

But if you are kind of an urban guy, my recommendation leads to museums, monuments, best hotels and restaurants, just plunge into one of the touristic cities of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada…. Scenery like “Sagrada familia”, “Museo del Prado”, “Guggenheim” or “La Alhambra” to mention a few will make you trip unforgettable.

Besides, sun and beach for everyone, Spain weather forecast can not be better. No matter what season you have picked to travel, there is always a single day you can go to the beach and get some sunbathing. So, ranging from costa de la luz, costa del sol, costa tropical and so on to costa brava next to France the destinations are diverse and numerous.

Therefore, attempting to choose a place that both stand out from the rest and is compelling enough to entice someone to visit is a difficult proposition.

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