New Year´s Eve 2015 deal

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Dear friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have all ever been to New Year in different places and we have all ever enjoyed a New year´s eve dinner somewhere full of vivid memories, as there are many deals for this extraordinary occasions and we love to celebrate this special date.

For a change, we are proposing our country hotel on New Year’s Eve to have that unique party to spend with family or your best friends and nothing better than luxury hotels to recreate the family atmosphere and festive time as occasion requires.

You’ll certainly be overwhelmed by endless offers, but believe me spend New Year’s Eve, this magical night in a small rural hotel secluded, romantic and exceptional cuisine, that there are few who can enjoy is the perfect choice.

This year with no doubt, book your stay with us for 2016 and forget deals for 2015 that cannot compete with this well-known place Hotel Cerro de Hijar.

Greetings to all and happy holidays

Hotel Cerro de Hijar

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