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A hotel built by the Consejería de Medio Ambiente in the municipality of Tolox, in the heart of the natural park of Sierra de las Nieves, has become the first opportunity for three young professionals of tourism. For a decade, when they finished the building works ,the Consejería sought an outlet for the establishment. Management is not just to find the formula of proper management, and no charge of equipment needed to launch the hotel did. The result was ten years of neglect.

The solution came with a contest held this year 2002, the three proposals were submitted and which was won by a company formed by three young men of 31 , 28 and 27 years. Eugenio Llanos, economist, Guillermo Gonzalez Gutierrez del Alamo, a graduate in tourism, and Martin Jerez alumnus cuisine in the Hotel School of La Cónsula, would manage the hotel for the next twenty years. Each occupy a specific area: Llanos is responsible for the administration, Gonzalez, hotel management, and Jerez, gastronomy. They also found two other people.

The bet has not come free: the company has invested 300,000 – euros to bring the building, after such a long oblivion able to receive as demanding as that people in these times of domestic tourism establishments tourism.
Building a pool and creating a traditional Andalusian cuisine restaurant were two of the initiatives that the company funds were invested.

His career began during the last Easter and the hotel, which has been christened ‘Cerro of Hijar’, he faces these days, with the start of the season Tolox spa. It’s your litmus test.

Users of medicinal waters, with itinerant foreign tourists and residents in the province of Malaga will be the main markets in which the new hotel will try to build their future.

Source: Diario Sur 6th May 2002. Héctor Barbotta

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